On Wednesday, July 18th 2012, a few of our Upper Secondary students together with Mr Michael Stuart and Ms Louise Maluda, paid an educational visit to Bangkok University International College (BUIC). The trip was arranged to take place after the students had registered for the October IGCSE examination session at The British Council in Bangkok earlier that morning.

The purpose of visiting BUIC was to give the students an option of going to a local university if they have not already decided on continuing their studies at a tertiary level overseas. BUIC, also known as the Creative University, offers six major subjects of study in their International Programme, taught entirely in English by professors including both Thai and foreign nationalities.


The group reached the university campus ahead of schedule and was later met by Khun Wuttichai, Head of School Relations, at the Admissions and Information building. He then brought them to a conference room where they were welcomed by Khun Walaiporn, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Khun Kesuda, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, and other university staff. A video presentation about the university was shown and Lecturer Jerimiah Morris then briefed the students more on the international programmes. There was a Q & A session, and light refreshments were served. Everyone received a gift bag containing a prospectus, poster and CD with information about the university while Mr Michael and Ms Louise were presented with souvenirs from Khun Walaiporn.


Khun Wuttichai and Khun Kesuda then brought the group on a tour around the campus to see BUIC’s fully modernised facilities, including the state-of-the-art computer and multimedia room, an audiovisual room, a multipurpose indoor court, the gymnasium and its impressive library. They also had the opportunity to observe actual lessons being conducted and watched BUIC students of different nationalities doing their presentations. Lastly, they were taken to BU Café before heading back to Pattaya.

Our students had a fulfilling day at BUIC and they returned home tired, but excited and greatly encouraged by the prospect of a university education here in Thailand.




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