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Introduction to B.E.S.T. School

B.E.S.T. School (Burapa English-Programme School of Thailand) is a Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School of around 1000 students, including a High School (Sixth Form). The School comprises four purpose-built buildings, with canteens and food outlets, a swimming pool, all weather sports areas and gardens.

The school caters for children from a wide area; from as far south as Sattahip and as far north as Sri Racha, and many children travel to and from School on the bus service provided by the school. Other children come to school with their parents/guardians, but only High School students who are fully licensed and insured may come to school by motorbike, with parental consent.

School Times

B.E.S.T. School has two terms: Term one is from May to September. Term Two is from October to March with a break over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

We have a Summer School programme for four weeks during March and April. The school day begins with assembly at 8:20 am and ends at 4:00 pm. (Please make sure your child is at school in time to attend morning assembly.)

Break time in the morning is from 10:20 am – 10:35 am, and in the afternoon from 2:40 pm – 2:55 pm.

Lunch time is from 12:10 pm – 1:00 pm for Primary and Secondary Students. Kindergarten students have a separate supervised lunch before the rest of the school.


School Uniform and General Appearance

Uniforms can be purchased from the school shop. Please make sure your child wears the correct uniform (Scouts, PE etc.) on the correct day according to your child's timetable. Students must wear the correct uniform at all times, including the correct footwear. Trainers are not allowed, except on sports day. Our students represent the school in the local community and we ask our students to take pride in their uniform and to keep it clean and tidy at all times. Hair must be clean and kept tidy; long hair must be tied back neatly. No excessive jewellery is allowed; makeup and nail varnish are inappropriate.

Valuable Items

Students are discouraged from bringing anything valuable into school as the school cannot take any responsibility for personal belongings, such as mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players etc. Mobile phones must be switched off between 8:20 am and 4:00 pm and will be confiscated if used during school hours.

What Equipment Does Your Child Need?

Essential: a pencil case containing blue/black pens, pencils, coloured pencils, a rubber and a 30 cm ruler. Older students will need Maths equipment and a calculator as indicated by their Maths teachers. Dictionaries and Atlases are provided by the school.

A large bag, big enough for A4 folders, books, pencil case etc. is required. School textbooks are provided in the school's own 'Green and Clean' school book bag. Please purchase textbooks before the start of term.

All students have a homework book, which in addition to recording homework tasks, can be used for communication between you and your child's teachers.


The day is made up of seven lessons, each 50 minutes long. Kindergarten students follow a separate timetable and finish their main lessons at 3:00 pm.

Kindergarten and Primary students are taught in mixed-ability classrooms. On graduating from Primary Six, our students select a Maths/Science stream or a Languages/Humanities stream for their main areas of study in Secondary. Please see our separate information pack concerning the School Curriculum and our Academic Programme.

All students have homework on a regular basis and they will write the details in their homework books. It is hoped that you will support your child with their homework by providing them with somewhere quiet where they can concentrate (i.e. Dining room table or desk in their bedroom) and that you will take an interest in their homework and sign their homework book at the end of the evening's work. If you have any problems with homework or you think your child is getting too much or too little, please contact the class teacher by requesting an appointment via the homework book.

Educational outings away from school are organised by staff to complement learning and your child will come home with letters giving details of such trips. Please sign and send back the return slip to secure a place.



Kindergarten and Primary 1-3 students have school lunch provided by the school. The lunch menu is chosen from mainly Thai dishes, together with a few Western dishes that children enjoy eating. Primary 4-6 and Secondary 1-6 students can buy their own food and snacks at the outlets around the school. Only High School students may leave the school at lunchtime to buy their own food. Please be aware of the school's Green and Clean Policy: We do not allow children to buy food from vendors outside the school grounds during school hours. All food should be consumed in the canteen areas only, and no non-recylable bowls, plates and cups are allowed.


High standards are expected in school to ensure that our students are all achieving their best. At the end of their High School years, we expect all our students to leave Secondary Six with a minimum of five IGCSE passes from the University of Cambridge. This will enable them to pursue Higher Education here in Thailand or to enter further areas of study overseas, leading to university entry in the country of their choice.

If your child has problems settling in they should see their class teacher or one of the senior members of staff as soon as possible. If, as parents, you have any concerns please phone or use the homework book to make an appointment with us.

Detailed policies regarding school rules, behaviour and expectations are available for parents to view and discuss in the Director's office.


The school is an extremely congested place at the end of the day with many buses collecting students and parents picking up their own children. Please do not block access to the school, and please park your car where it will not cause obstruction.



Feeling Unwell

If your child feels unwell or has any medical problem during the school day, they should inform their class teacher. A nurse is available on site to assist your child if he or she is unwell. All our students have accident insurance and in the case of serious accidents, students will be taken to the nearest hospital, which normally the Bangkok Pattaya Clinic on Sukhumvit Road nearby the school. Details of the school's accident insurance policy can be obtained in the school's registration office.


Please inform our staff within our registration office of any medication your child may require, as well as any allergies that they may be prone to. Make sure that any medicine your child requires during the school day is given to their class teacher. Your child must not carry medication around with them during the day.

Extra Classes After School

There are numerous after school classes to choose from. Please enquire at the school's registration office for details about extra classes and available subjects. There are later school buses for students returning home after extra class.


You will receive a report card and a report book twice a year giving information on your child’s progress during the year. You may also make an appointment with the School Director or your child's teachers at any time to discuss your child’s progress. If you have any other queries about school policy or procedures, please contact the school directly.


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