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Best Burapa

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Our Teaching

Burapha English Programme School (B.E.S.T.) aims to educate our students to be bilingual in Thai and English and to understand and appreciate the cultures behind these languages.

We strive to play a leading role in imparting knowledge and nurturing good citizens and to provide our students with a healthy and balanced understanding of the skills they will need to lead a successful and fulfilling life.

At B.E.S.T.(Burapa English-Programme School of Thailand) we use a combination of traditional teaching styles alongside contemporary teaching practice. As a result, students have a grounding in formal traditional skills (Arithmetic, Reading and Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Essay Writing) as well as more advanced and forward-thinking teaching and learning methods (independent thinking and writing, research and experimental skills used in project work, such as for English Enrichment and Internet research assignments).

As a genuinely Bi-lingual School, we try to ensure that students are equipped with as great a variety of these skills as possible before they leave us, so that they are able to continue their education in many different types of school, college and university, both here in Thailand and around the world. Apart from the English language itself, subjects taught in English are Mathematics, Science, Social Studies (Geography/History) and Computing. Older students also study Mandarin Chinese and Western Music.

We strive to include in our curriculum the best of Asian and the best of Western teaching materials. Students therefore use authentic textbooks and materials at all times which we have chosen from different publishers around the world. These include Oxford and Cambridge University Presses in the UK, Longman in Hong Kong, Macmillan Heinemann and Nelson Thornes in the UK, and Federal Publications in Singapore. We try to emphasize fully active and involved classroom methods, and to accomodate this full range of teaching and learning possibilities, Most of our timetable is taught in the English language and the appropriate subjects are taught in the Thai language conformity with the Thai law and regulation of education.

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Mission Statement

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{jcomments off}Burapa English Programme School (B.E.S.T.) aims to educate its students to be bilingual in Thai and English and to understand and appreciate the cultures behind these languages. 

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{jcomments off}B.E.S.T. - Burapha English-Programme School of Thailand - was started in February 1997 by Mrs. Wattana Nuttasophon.

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Application and Fees

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An Application Fee of 200 baht will collected at the time of enrollment. There is also a one-off Registration Fee of to be paid before the student starts at B.E.S.T. School.  Please note that all School Fees must be paid in advance of the start of the term to which they apply.


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