Burapa English Programme School (B.E.S.T.) aims to educate its students to be bilingual in English and Thai and to understand and appreciate the cultures behind these languages. We endeavour to teach our students the best aspects of both Asian and Western cultures, and to encourage them to be confident in their interactions with the world.

In addition to this, we strive to play a leading role in imparting knowledge and nurturing good citizens, and to provide our students with a healthy and balanced understanding of the skills they will need to lead a successful and fulfilling life.

At the Early Years Foundation Stage (Kindergarten, age 2-5) we prepare our students for the National Curriculum beginning in Key Stage One at age 5-6. Our students study and rest in modern, air-conditioned classrooms and we aim to prepare them in the areas of:

-  Personal, social and emotional development

-  Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

-  Physical development

-  Knowledge and understanding of the world

-  Creative development

-  Communication, language and literacy

-  Mental ability


At Key Stage One (Primary 1 and 2, age 5-7) students build on their skills already acquired in the Foundation Stage as follows:

- Build key skills in core subjects (Thai and English languages, Maths, Science, Social Studies, ICT)

- Develop important educational disciplines (examinations, homework, revision)

- Develop athletic skills (PE, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming)

- Learn independence, life skills, self reliance (Scouts/Guides, Activities)

- Discover new cultural experiences (Thai and Western Music/Dance/Art and Design)


At Key Stage Two (Primary 3-6, age 7-11) our students:

- Build on their experiences from Foundation and Key Stage One in the core subjects

- Develop leadership skills and learn responsibility for themselves and the school environment

- Are fully prepared for the more demanding levels of study in the Secondary School



At Key Stage Three (Secondary 1-3, age 11-14) our students:

- Build on their existing skills at a higher, more demanding level

- Study a wider choice of academic activities, designed to develop independent and individual thought

- Start laying the groundwork for future IGCSE Examinations

- Study important areas of health, physical and mental well-being



At Key Stage Four (Secondary 4-6, age 14-18) our students:

-  Prepare for and sit the University of Cambridge IGCSE examinations as their required and elective subjects

-  Use critical and lateral thinking skills to assess and analyse the world around themselves

-  Prepare themselves for the challenges of higher education at Colleges or Universities in Thailand and/or overseas

-   Research future employment possibilities

-  Find the confidence and independence needed to be leaders in their community

-  Acquire in-depth knowledge of the constantly changing world of technology


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