B.E.S.T. - Burapa English-Programme School of Thailand - was inaugurated in February 1997 by Mrs. Wattana Nuttasophon.


The School provides high standards in both Thai and English tuition from Kindergarten through to Upper High School level; our final level, Secondary Six, opened in the High School in May 2012. The School Staff consists of about 32 English speaking teachers and about 40 Thai teachers, who are qualified and experienced in their particular fields.


At all levels, students learn using up-to-date and authentic teaching materials sourced from major educational publishers around the world, such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Marshall Cavendish and Nelson Thornes. High School students study and learn research skills in fully equipped multimedia classrooms and laboratories. After their time at B.E.S.T., when our students finally leave Secondary Six, we expect them to have achieved a minimum of five passes in Cambridge IGCSE examination subjects, and to be ready to pursue their higher education in their chosen fields, either at universities in Thailand, or at a sixth form college or university abroad. High School students accordingly choose between a timetable of Mathematics and Science subjects (including Thai and English enrichment lessons) or a timetable of Humanities and Language subjects (including Maths and Science enrichment lessons).


As such, our Secondary School curriculum and our teaching methodologies are generally based upon the National Curriculum of England and Wales, and in the subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, PSHE and ICT, English is the language of instruction, with a strong emphasis on traditional areas of instruction such as grammar, spelling, reading, writing and arithmetic. In Kindergarten and Primary, our students also follow elements of the Thai National Curriculum, which provides the basis for daily lessons in Thai language and culture, together with support in the subject areas of Maths and Science. We believe that it is important that our students follow and absorb the best of both Thai and Western cultures and this aspect of our teaching is emphasized at all levels.



In English, our Kindergarten students use the Tiny Talk and Get Ready series, both from OUP, as the basis for their developing skills in reading and writing. In Primary we move to Get Set Go and Cambridge English for Schools for further development of the four key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The students' work is enhanced by additional reading and grammar materials throughout their Primary Years, with a particular emphasis placed on extending reading skills as much as possible. In Lower Secondary,   (S1-3) students continue with Cambridge English for Schools and in the High School (S4-6) they move on to the Oxford New English File series in preparation for their IGCSE exams. We offer these exams as core subjects in in English First Language and English Second Language.



In Mathematics, we follow the Singapore Maths programme (My Pals are Here/New Maths Counts) in both the Primary and Secondary Schools, because it largely follows the English Key Stages, and the GCSE/O level Curriculum, but offers some Asian content. Singapore Maths is highly regarded throughout the world for producing students with advanced numeracy skills in all areas of Mathematics. IGCSE Mathematics is offered as a core subject.




Our Primary Science students follow the Singapore Science programme (Let's Learn Science/My Pals Are Here International Science) for its high quality delivery of Asian content combined with rigorous and challenging learning materials in preparation for Key Stages 3 and 4. In the Secondary School students move on to the National Curriculum (Spotlight Science series, New Science for You series) in order to prepare for their IGCSE examinations in either individual IGCSE subjects (Chemistry, Biology, Physics) or in Combined or Coordinated Science. We also offer IGCSE Physical Science as a core subject.



We recognize that our students move in an ever-changing world of technology and as such we offer ICT instruction throughout the Primary and Secondary Schools, using fully equipped computer rooms. Students use computers to increase their keyboard skills, to research the internet and to create their own databases and projects. Our High School students use their own laptops for research and assignments and we ask them to follow strict rules concerning the use of school wifi networks. Younger students' access to the school's wifi network is controlled by the use of server technology. ICT is offered as an IGCSE elective subject.


Social Studies (Geography/History)

All our students study the cultural History and Geography of Thailand. In addition our Primary 3-6 students follow the National Curriculum using the OUP series Geography Success. Secondary students move on to the Earth Our Home series from Singapore which teaches World and Asian Geography, largely following the National Curriculum GCSE/O level syllabus in preparation for their IGCSE Geography examinations. As an elective subject in the High School we also offer IGCSE 20th Century World History.


Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)


Students in the High School have a number of additional language options such as Russian, German or French. These are available as IGCSE elective subjects in partnership with Harrow International School in Bangkok.



Travel & Tourism and Business Studies


For the Academic Year 2013-14, we are adding these two new IGCSE subjects, both of which are highly desirable by employers in Thailand. Our first students studying these two subjects will sit their exams in 2015-16.

In addition to the above core subjects we also teach Thai Language History and Culture, Health (PSHE), Music and Dance, Art and PE. Students wishing to take IGCSE examinations specialist subject areas are also able to do so in partnership with Harrow International School in Bangkok.


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